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Maritime Safety and Security – a Priority Area of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region 

In 2009, the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region was adopted, as the European Union´s first macro-regional strategy. The Strategy consists of several priority areas, of which one focuses on maritime safety and security.

The overall goal of the Priority Area on Maritime Safety and Security is for the Baltic Sea Region “to become a leading region in maritime safety and security”. This objective is pursued through a political dialogue and through number of flagship projects and more recently also seed-money projects. These projects cover a wide range of aspects of maritime safety and security, such as e-Navigation, navigation in icy waters, safety in fisheries, transport of dangerous goods and re-surveying of shipping routes, and the fostering of innovation and initiatives towards creating a common information sharing environment for maritime security information.

Denmark and Finland serve as Priority Area Coordinators for the Priority Area on behalf of the other eight EU Member States around the Baltic Sea. The task is jointly headed by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency and the Danish Maritime Authority.
An international Steering Committee has been established to guide and assist the Priority Area Coordinators in their work. The Steering Committee consists of members from maritime authorities in the Baltic Sea States, regional organisations, the European Commission and other relevant stakeholders, which all attend its meetings.

A short description of the Priority Area and its projects can be found in this brochure.

Current Flagship Projects of the Priority Area

Speed up re-surveying of major shipping routes and ports
Develop a plan to reduce the number of accidents in fisheries
Development of Shipping Routes and e-Navigation in the Baltic Sea

To create a centre for knowledge and innovation in the field of maritime safety and security

To Ensure Safe and Efficient Winter Navigation in the Baltic Sea

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Danish Maritime Authority

Finnish Transport Safety Agency  


Danish Maritime Authority

Mr Bjarke Wiehe Bøtcher

Chief Adviser
Priority Area Coordinator

Phone: +45 91 37 63 25



Mr Malte Kofoed Søndergaard

Assistant to the Priority Area Coordinator

Phone: +45 91 37 62 25



Finnish Transport Safety Agency

Ms Sanna Sonninen


Priority Area Coordinator

Phone: +35 82 95 34 50 11