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General publications:

Employment and production in Blue Denmark 2016 - a summary

Summary report on North Sea regulation and standards, 2015

Employment and production in Blue Denmark 2015 - a summary

Opportunities and Challenges for the Danish Realm's Maritime Industry in the Arctic, 2014

Denmark at Work - Plan for Growth in the Blue Denmark, 2012

Administrative burdens in shipowners' offices, 2011

From craft to control?
- Draft summary report, 2011
- Draft technical report, 2011

An integrated maritime strategy 2010

Health, safety and the environment in future quality shipping

Navigation through Danish Waters

Facts about shipping 2011
The 2010 edition has been renamed 2011, i.e. there is no break in the data

Facts about Shipping 2009

The Danish Maritime Cluster - an agenda for growth 

Navigational Safety in the Sound between Denmark and Sweden

Experience with AIS AtoN (Aids to Navigation)
Is there a future for electronic AtoN within e-Navigation?

Marine Accidents 2007 - 2009

Publications on administrative burdens in the maritime sector:

Summary report, 2013

Survey among international seafarers, 2013

Publications on health:

Guidance concerning diarrhoea (2007)

Guidelines for needlestick injuries 


Vaccination and other kinds of prevention for seafarers

Publications on safety:

Code number

Dangerous substances and materials on board ships

Ergonomics on provisioning, stores handling etc. on board merchant ships

Guidelines on vibration

New provisions on alcohol limits at sea in Denmark

Performance on work on board Danish ships

Permanent workstation ergonomics on board merchant ships

Safety activities on board Danish ships

The use of carcinogenic substances and materials on board ships

Transport of carcinogenic substances and materials as cargo on board ships

The Use of Personal Protective Equipment on Board Ships

Use of Technical Aids on Board Ships (Work Equipment)

Workplace assessment

Workplace Instructions for Work with Substances and Materials on Board Danish Ships
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