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Survey of Ships 

How to prepare for surveys

Ships surveyed by the Danish Maritime Authority can prepare the survey by contacting the local regional office and request a copy of the survey form that will be used in connection with the planned survey.

Furthermore, upon request a number of checklists are available for preparing the survey as such.


Requesting and paying surveys
Surveys can be requested by phoning the following regional offices:

  • +45 72 19 60 07: for surveys in the Northern Region: Jutland north of Horsens – Hvide Sande (both incl.)
  • +45 72 19 60 08: for surveys in the Southern Region: The islands as well as Jutland south of Horsens – Hvide Sande

Calls will be answered during the general opening hours of the Danish Maritime Authority.

You can also request surveys by e-mail:

Payment of surveys
As of 1 January 2016, the Danish Maritime Authority introduced charges for mandatory surveys of passenger and cargo ships. Today the payment amounts to about DKK 885/hour and covers the time spent on the survey on board the ship as well as the time spent on administration.

More detailed provisions on surveys and charges are available from the Order on Payment of Ship Surveys, which can be found in the Danish Maritime Authority’s database on legislation, Regeldatabasen (in Danish).

For easy information, please see this overview.

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