Notices to Mariners

​​​​​​​​​​​​​When you are at sea, you must keep informed about the activities and conditions that may affect your voyage - regardless of whether you are a commercial mariner or a yachtsman.

The recent Notices to Mariners (EfS) are available at the bottom of the page.

Notices to Mariners inform you about planned, preliminary and temporary actvities and conditions in Danish, Faroese and Greenland waters that may affect your voyage.

If you intend to carry out an activity that may affect safety of navigation, you must inform other mariners through Notices to Mariners, Remember that, in most cases, you must acquire a permit for the activity from the relevant authority.
Read what to do in case of construction works at sea.

Notices to Mariners are published in electronic form every Friday and contain the following in addition to the weekly notices:

  • An updated list of preliminary notices (P notices) and temporary notices (T notices) as well as a list of contents
  • Recent chart corrections from the Danish Geodata Agency

Overview of other information and publications on this page:

  • An accumulated version of EfS, including all issues of EfS published from the beginning of the year to and including today
  • "P and T in charts", which are three graphic pdf files of "Current preliminary (P) and temporary (T) Notices" for the waters south of Funen, the sea surrounded by the islands of Zealand, Møn, Falster and Lolland and Greenland.
  • EfS A, general information about Danish waters
  • Ice service from Defence Command Denmark, Naval Staff
  • Notices, NCAGS and guidelines for ships in case of war and crisis from the Naval Staff
  • The archive below contains Notices to Mariners from previous years as accumulated issues.

For a detailed understanding of the design and text of EfS, please see the Guidelines for Notices to Mariners.

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