Personal Watercraft

​​​If you intend to sail a water scooter, there are a number of regulations that you must be familiar with. You can find information here.

Personal Watercraft are required to be sailed in accordance with the current regulations for preventing collisions at sea.
The regulations for preventing collisions at sea are available here (in Danish)

In addition, there are regulations stipulating where it is permitted to use personal Watercraft. It is permitted to sail Personal Watercraft at a distance of 300 metres from the coast, except for transportation to the 300-metre zone which must be perpendicular to the coast at a speed of maximum 5 knots. It is prohibited to use Personal Watercraft in nature reserves and local prohibition zones.

When you use jet skis or water scooters, you must hold a speedboat license.
More info about power boat licenses

Buying a Personal Watercraft

If you buy a Personal Watercraft, you must be aware of the requirement for CE marking. Especially, if you import aPersonal Watercraft from the US. According to the regulations, all Personal Watercraft must be CE marked if they have been imported from a country outside the EU or constructed after 1 January 2006. As regards Personal Watercraft, it is especially the considerable requirements for the emissions from engines and noise that you should examine.

Finally, the Ministry of the Environment has issued legislation on the operation of Personal Watercraft. Furthermore, it may be a good idea to have a talk with the local port office to learn whether there are special regulations on the operation of Personal Watercraft in the area. On the webpage of the Nature Agency, you can find more information about the operation of water scooters as well as a map of the entire prohibition area for Personal Watercraft in Denmark.