Issue of certificates

If you have lost your certificate of competency or power boat license, you can be issued with a new one.​

Go directly to issue/re-issue of certificate of competency or power boat license (in Danish)

General information concerning certificate of competency and power boat license

A fee of DKK 75 will be requested for the issue/re-issue.

Once you have initiated the payment, a period of up to three weeks can pass before you receive your certificate. You will receive an email when your certificate has been printed and is ready to be picked up.

If we cannot issue a certificate to you, the payment will be inserted on your account again.

Issue/re-issue of certificate of competency

Please observe that "partial certificates" will not be issued for having passed either the theoretical or the practical part of the test. The Danish Maritime Authority will not issue a certificate until both tests have been passed.

If you have your old certificate or any other relevant documentation, such as a boatmasteer license or a certificate of competency, you can speed up the time spent considering your case by enclosing this as a PDF file on the last page by means of the "insert PDF document" function.


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