Issue of certificates

If you have lost your powerboat certificate, certificate of proficiency in yachting or SRC certificate, you can order a new one.

Apply for reissue of a yachtsman certificate

General information on the reissue of yachtsmen certificates

The fee for being reissued with a powerboat certificate or a certificate of proficiency in yachting is 75 DKK.
The fee for being reissued with an SRC certificate is 200 DKK.

If we are unable to issue a certificate to you, your payment will be reimbursed.

Issue of yachtsmen certificates

Your first powerboat certificate or certificate of proficiency in yachting is issued and forwarded to the censor who arranged your passed exams. Payment for the certificate is settled with the organizer.

Your first SRC certificate will be issued after having passed the exam and will be forwarded directly to you.

Please note that no separate certificates are issued for having passed either the theoretical or practical part of the exam for a certificate of proficiency in yachting. The Danish Maritime Authority will not issue a certificate until both exams have been passed.

You may be qualified for a yachtsman certificate if you have achieved a higher grade of certificate, i.e. a certificate of competency as a merchant navigator or a GMDSS radio certificate. If you have questions regarding this or regarding how to apply for a yachtsman certificate in this case, please contact


Danish Maritime Authority
Kundecenter (KC), SOF Email-postkasse
+45 72 19 60 00