Recording periods of work and periods of rest

Watchkeeping schedules must be posted on board the ship in an easily accessible place, and the seafarer's periods of rest must continuously be recorded in a special form for this purpose. This does not apply to fishing vessels.

The Danish Maritime Authority has issued forms in standard format for both periods of work (annex 1) and periods of rest (annex 2). If a shipowner wants another design of these forms, this must be approved by the Danish Maritime Authority due to the international control.

Applications for approval of either forms on periods of work or forms on periods of rest can be forwarded by email to A draft form for the periods of work or the periods of work must be attached.

It is also possible to get the Danish Maritime Authority's permit for electronic recording of periods of rest. Applications for a permit to use an electronic system for recording periods of rest can be forwarded by email to Applications must contain the following information:

  • Which system is it a questions of?
  • An overview of ships flying the Danish flag that are to use the system as well as their distinctive number or letters.
  • For whom is the permit to be issued – the shipowner or the ship manager? 


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