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Shipboard navigational tool
AIS is an identification system making it possible to exchange ship-to-ship information. There are three categories of AIS information:

  • Identification, for example a ship’s name, call sign or IMO no.
  • Navigation, for example a ship’s position, course and speed
  • A ship’s voyage, for example its destination, time of arrival and actual draught

AIS is required by large ships
All ships above 300 gross tonnage must be fitted with AIS. All fishing vessels above 15 metres built after 30 November 2010 must be fitted with AIS, and fishing vessels above 15 metres built earlier must be fitted with AIS by 31 May 2014, at the latest.

Statistical tool for analyses
AIS is not only a means for exchanging ship-to-ship communication, rather it also makes it possible to exchange information between ships and shore-based AIS stations.

The information retrieved from such shore-based AIS stations makes it possible to prepare statistical analyses of the traffic patterns in Danish waters. The AIS information collected shows, among other things, that daily about 1,500 ships fitted with AIS navigate Danish waters. The ships travel a total distance of between 75,000 and 100,000 nautical miles per day in Danish territorial waters.

In addition, information from the shore-based AIS stations is used to observe the current ship traffic and to reconstruct and analyze incidents and accidents such as collisions and groundings.

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