Corporate Systems and Development

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We assist the Executive Board with the planning, arrangement and follow-up in connection with the development of the organisation, competences, strategies and management as well as the occupational health activities. We are the national coordinator in connection with audits and inspections of the Danish Maritime Authority and are responsible for the annual internal audits of all the sections.

We have the following areas of responsibility:

  • Planning, arranging and follow-up in connection with the development of:
    • The organisation
    • Strategic competence development
    • Strategies and management
  • Introduction of new employees
  • Occupational health activities
  • Internal audits
    • All sections covered by ISO 9001:2015, the ISM Code, the III Code, ISO 27001
    • Particularly dedicated internal audits
    • The emergency preparedness plan of the Danish Maritime Authority
  • National/authority coordinator/POC in connection with documentation/auditing/inspections of the Danish Maritime Authority:
    • IMO Audits (III Code)
    • EMSA inspections (EU Directives)
      Certification audits (ISO 9001, 27001)
    • External audits (ISO 27001)
    • Danish Working Environment Authority inspections (work environment)
  • Ad hoc assistance for the sections of the authority in connection with audits/inspections of the following:
    • Authorised persons/organisations 
    • Maritime training institutions
    • Radio Medical
    • Shipping companies and ships
    • Classification societies
    • Fire emergency plans
    • Procedures
  • Safety:
    • Emergency preparedness plan and plans for physical safety at the premises of the Authority

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