Maritime Regulation and Legal Affairs

We are engaged in the work with legislation and rules to promote health, safety and the environment for ships, seafarers and fishermen's conditions on board and the waters that they are navigating.

We have the following areas of responsibility:

  • Safety
  • The climate and the environment
  • Maritime social conditions
  • Health
  • Simpler regulation
  • IMO and EU contact point
  • International negotiations
  • Arctic regions
  • Cooperation with Greenland
  • Legal advice
    • Quality of law
    • Right of access
    • Administrative law
    • Legal programme
    • Internal lawyer's office
  • Acts
    • Safety at sea
    • Manning of ships
    • Pilotage act
    • Tonnage measurement of ships
    • Act on diving activities
    • Seamen's act
    • Seafarers' conditions of employment
    • The Danish Government's Seamen's Service
    • Danish International Register of Shipping (DIS)
    • Merchant shipping act
    • Act on war insurance
    • Act on the Danish Shipping Board
  • Boards, Councils and Committees:
    • Danish Ships' Inspection Council and its three sub-committees
    • Contact Committee for Greenland
    • Maritime Law Committee
  • Conventions and fora
    • Safety: Load Line, SOLAS, COLREG, STCW, Tonnage



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