Safety of Navigation, National Waters

We strive to enhance safety at sea in the Danish Realm and have the following areas of responsibility:

  • Aids to navigation in the waters of the entire Danish Realm, including:
    • Regulation of aids to navigation
    • Operation of the State aids to navigation
    • Development, testing and implementation of new aids to navigation technology
    • International exchange of experiences and coordination
  • Transmission of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) in the entire Danish Realm, including:
    • Navigation warnings
    • Notices to Mariners
  • Operation of the buoy tenders
  • Radio navigation in the entire Danish Realm, including:
    • DGPS
    • Racons
    • AIS
    • NAVTEX
    • Loran infrastruktur
  • Supervision of the pilotage area
  • Secretarial assistance for the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board


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