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Seafarers, Certification and Social Affairs

We provide services to seafarers and shipowners in cases related to seafarers' conditions of employment, etc. We strive to consider cases in due time, in a competent manner, and with a high level of service.

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Ship Survey, Certification and Manning

We provide services to shipowners and ships as well as to the shore-based associated industry and are actively trying to influence the development of Danish quality shipping by presenting and enforcing the Danish Maritime Authority's strategies for health, safety and the environment.

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Safety of Navigation, National Waters

We strive to enhance safety at sea in the Danish Realm.

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Maritime Regulation and Legal Affairs

We are engaged in the work with legislation and rules to promote health, safety and the environment for ships, seafarers and fishermen's conditions on board and the waters that they are navigating.

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Blue Growth and Maritime Policy

We strive to create the best possible framework conditions for the industry. We develop initiatives and analyses that can contribute to ensuring competitive framework conditions for Blue Denmark so that Denmark remains a leading maritime nation also in the future. We do this both nationally and internationally.

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Business Intelligence and Development

Se strive to develop the Danish Maritime Authority's data- and business intelligence systems and associated work processes. We focus on specific results so that the solutions are coupled closely with the customers, stakeholders and employees' needs.

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Finance and Accounting

We are responsible for the common functions that make the Danish Maritime Authority's accounting, management and service contribute to efficient task solution. In addition, we provide advice and guidance in connection with EU projects, general economic issues and issues related to daily IT operation.

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Danish Ship Register

In the Danish Ship Register, we register rights and mortgages in Danish and Greenland ships and vessels. We strive to make the registration process efficient and serviceminded so that it is capable of competing with other countries' registers.

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Corporate Systems and Development

We assist the Executive Board with the planning, arrangement and follow-up in connection with the development of the organisation, competences, strategies and management as well as the occupational health activities. We are the national coordinator in connection with audits and inspections of the Danish Maritime Authority and are responsible for the annual internal audits of all the sections.

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Executive Office

We coordinate and ensure the quality of the civil service advice and assistance provided by the Danish Maritime Authority. We are the focal point for professional assistance to the Executive Board and for enquiries from the press.

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