9th Edition of The e-Navigation Underway International Conference
21-11-2018 14:00

The 9th edition of the e-Navigation Underway International conference will take place from February 6th to 8th 2019 and focus on implementation of e-navigation solutions.

​The conference is a recurring event, which will bring together international e-navigation experts from all over the world.

Paving the Way for a Digital Maritime World – Benefits and Barriers when Implementing New Technology

For digitalization of e-navigation the effects of the rapid development in technology that has taken place for the past 8 years are beginning to show. The time has now come for us to turn to the implementation in real life and to discuss how the ongoing development of e-navigation solutions as well as current existing solutions can be implemented by different stakeholders in the maritime industry.

The 2019 conference theme will be “Paving the Way for a Digital Maritime World” and focus on the benefits and barriers when implementing e-navigation technologies. The aim is to bring together different stakeholders from the maritime world to share their perspectives and discuss questions like;

  • What are the benefits and barriers for first movers?
  • What is required from e-navigation solutions to prepare for a future with autonomous and smart shipping?
  • The need for new and revised regulations and standards when implementing e-navigation initiatives

Abstracts are now welcome!  Anything relevant to e-Navigation will be considered, but potential speakers are urged to aim for topics that add a perspective on some of the questions raised above.

More information on the location will be announced later. Registration for the conference is expected to open in the beginning of December 2018.

The e-Navigation Underway International Conference

Since 2011, the Danish Maritime Authority has, in close cooperation with IALA, organized the leading international conference E-Navigation Underway International. The conference gathers between 100-200 international players from all over the world to take stock of developments and debate the way forward for e-Navigation and maritime digitalization.

E-Navigation is about using modern technology to promote maritime information sharing for the benefit of safety and efficiency. The goal is to create solutions making it possible to collect, optimize and screen information and to exchange information efficiently.



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