All hands on deck - today is Day of the Seafarer
25-06-2018 10:00

Across the world, seafarers are today acknowledged as part of the UN’s international Day of the Seafarer.

DMA employees celebrating day of the seafarer
The UN’s international Day of the Seafarer on June 25th is each year marked by a campaign focusing on certain aspects of the seafarers’ work. In recent years, the shipping industry has focused extensively on seafarers’ physical and mental wellbeing. To provide this important focus with even more thrust, this year’s campaign is dedicated to the wellbeing of the seafarers.

Contribute to the campaign

The UN’s international Maritime Organization, IMO, encourages ship owners, suppliers and anyone else to use the hashtag #SupportSeafarersWellbeing to share how they offer good working environments on board, and how they address challenges in terms of seafarers’ mental wellbeing. Beyond that, seafarers are encouraged to share positive stories and situations of good working environment at sea by using the hashtag #GoodDayatSea

Facts about Day of the seafarer

United Nations' international day was instituted in 2010 in order to focus annually on the decisive importance of seafarers to the maritime industry and, thereby, on their major contribution to world trade and the world economy.



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