Amended leisure sailing regulations strengthen the sharing economy and voluntary association activities
07-11-2016 17:00

The regulations for hiring out recreational craft will be simplified to make it easier for private yachtsmen to share and hire out their boats.

Leisure ship

​At the same time, the regulations are modernised, enabling voluntary associations to hold tests for yachtsmen and issue test certificates.

In the future, it will be easier for private yachtsmen to hire out their boat. The Danish Maritime Authority now releases a new draft executive order for public consultation, with the intention of simplifying the provisions on the hiring out of recreational craft, inter alia by making the same safety requirements irrespective of whether a vessel is used for private sailing or is shared with others. The existing safety requirements are not amended.

Minister for Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen:
”There is a great unleashed potential for the sharing economy within leisure sailing where, inter alia, far too complicated rules have made it difficult for private yachtsmen to hire out their boat when they are not using it themselves. We now intend to change this. This initiative is part of the Government's coming strategy on the sharing economy, which is intended to promote the sharing economy in Denmark."

The amended regulations involve, inter alia, the following:

  • Current regulations for vessels that are being hired out are repealed as regards the waters navigated.
  • The safety requirements for on-board gas installations will correspond to those applicable ashore.
  • The regulations will in general be simplified and clarified so that it becomes less time-consuming and administratively burdensome for private yachtsmen to familiarise themselves with the rules to be met when they intend to hire out or share their boat with others.

At the same time, a new draft executive order on certificates for yachtsmen is released for public consultation the purpose of which is to strengthen the voluntary sailing clubs through increased user involvement in the holding of tests for, inter alia, certificates of competency and proficiency.

Minister for Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen:
”Quite specifically, we want to make a new model for the tests for yachtsmen to ensure that they are updated, to enhance safety, and to provide the voluntary sailing clubs with better framework conditions for their education and training activities. It is, inter alia, to be possible for the organisations to submit applications to the Danish Maritime Authority for being approved to hold tests and issue certificates, just as they are to be able to authorise external examiners for the tests for yachtsmen."

In addition, the tests are to be designed to that they meet the demand of the yachtsmen in close cooperation with, for example, their local sailing clubs. Increased user involvement and strengthening of the voluntary association activities have been a strong wish expressed by the yachting organisations as such.

The new regulations are intended to enter into force on 1 January 2017.



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