ArcticWeb finds a new home in Norway
31-05-2018 11:00

The roles and responsibilities between the partners behind ArcticWeb will change from June 1st 2018. The Norwegian Coastal Administration will take over the ownership and operation of ArcticWeb.

Photo of (from right) Charlotte Ahrendt Steen, Deputy Director General, CPO, Charlotte Ahrendt Steen, Jon Leon Arvik, Kystverket

​The Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) will continue as data-provider and advisory board member.

ArcticWeb is a web based platform for improving the safety of navigation in the Arctic. The platform is a joint regional project primarily funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and lead by The DMA. The platform has been operational since 2014 and is free to use. The key services and tools on ArcticWeb are: route sharing, sharing of schedules, ice charts, weather on route, forecasts of wave height and ice accretion, navigational warnings and a search and rescue tool.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has agreed to take over the ownership and operation of ArcticWeb by June 1st 2018 from the DMA.

ArcticWeb was developed in cooperation between The Government of Greenland, The Norwegian Coastal Administration, The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI), The Danish Geodata Agency, Joint Arctic Command, Defense Centre for Operational Oceanography and the Danish Maritime Authority.

The main target group is cruise and passenger ships operating in Greenlandic waters. Approximately 250 users are currently active on ArcticWeb.



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