Blue Denmark maintains strong position
14-09-2017 16:00

Accounting for almost one-fourth of total Danish exports, Blue Denmark is Denmark's most important export sector. A total of almost 100,000 persons are employed in Blue Denmark.

Picture of report Employment and production in Blue Denmark

​A new report drawn up by the Economic Council of the Labour Movement for the Danish Maritime Authority shows that Blue Denmark still holds a strong position.

According to the report, Blue Denmark exports worth DKK 250 billion a year, corresponding to 22.4 per cent of total exports.

In terms of productivity, especially the Shipping and Marine Equipment sectors are experiencing positive developments. Though these sectors were hit hard by the crisis in 2009, they have in recent years regained what was lost and witnessed an annual productivity growth of 2.5 and 7.8 per cent, respectively, which is considerably more than the 1.4 per cent productivity growth of the overall Danish economy.

Higher level of education​

The number of persons indirectly employed in Blue Denmark has increased in recent years, while the number of persons directly employed has decreased slightly. Almost 60,000 persons are directly employed in Blue Denmark and, if those indirectly employed in other sectors are included, a little more than 94,000 persons are employed in Blue Denmark.

The report also shows that the educatio​nal level in Blue Denmark is increasing. Since 2006, the educational level has increased gradually. The number of persons who have completed long-term higher education has, for example, increased by 41 per cent since 2006. Skilled and unskilled workers are still the largest educational groups in Blue Denmark, accounting for almost two-thirds of employment in Blue Denmark.

The report is available from the website of the Danish Maritime Authority.



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