Updated statistics on Blue Denmark
29-01-2020 11:00

The Danish Maritime Authority has released an updated report on employment and production in Blue Denmark.

Photo from the report on Blue Denmark 2019

​The latest figures indicate that employment and production in Blue Denmark are stable.

In 2018, Blue Denmark directly employed 60,271 people and a total of 96,164 persons when the indirect contribution is recognized. This represents 2.1 per cent and 3.4 per cent of total employment in Denmark, respectively.

Blue Denmark's exports make up 26 percent of Denmark's total exports of goods and services.

Blue Denmark

Blue Denmark consists of many very different companies - for example, offshore companies that contribute to oil extraction and installation of wind turbines, etc .; shipping companies sailing with goods or passengers; Danish ports and freight terminals serving a regional catchment; freight forwarders and ship brokers; repair and newbuilding yards; industrial companies that supply equipment and components to shipyards around the world, etc. The common feature is that the companies are headquartered and / or have activities in Denmark, and their activity is related to maritime transport or other activities at sea.

Read the full report “Employment and Production in Blue Denmark 2019” which was prepared in collaboration with COWI.



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