The Centre for Maritime Health Service (CMS) open for trainees
19-06-2020 13:00

The Centre for Maritime Health Service (CMS), part of the Danish Maritime Authority, is now open for teaching again on the island of Fanø. Face visors, facemasks and hand sanitizers are all part of a safe environment for the teaching.

Photo of Maritim Health service

​Concurrently with the gradual reopening of teaching, soon to be graduates are prioritized.

Anita Brusen, Manager, Maritime Health Service:
“I am very happy that we can now offer teachings again to trainees, so that they are not unnecessarily delayed in completing their exams. During the shutdown, we helped seafarers by extending their course certificates, and now we follow up on this matter so they can be at sea with renewed certificates.

The refresher courses are also now running, and from July 1st the new initiative of e-learning is also available.

The teaching during physical attendance at CMS on Fanø takes place in the best medical treatment style, where the guidelines of the authorities are followed. In everyday life in the course rooms, this is reflected through, among other things, protective equipment, extra daily cleaning and adherence to maintaining a physical distance.

Here, you can also see the course plan for the following months.



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