Chinese researchers learn about Denmark's experience with sulphur enforcement
06-09-2016 15:00

Transport researchers from China are keen to learn from Denmark's experience with modern technology designed to ensure that ships meet the provisions on, inter alia, sulphur emissions.

Denmark and the Netherlands are two of the frontrunners when it comes to utilising modern technology. Chinese transport researchers have just visited these two countries – and their first stop was the Danish Maritime Authority.

China has started to show an interest in the Danish experiences gained in this area because several major Chinese ports are gradually introducing stricter requirements for ships' emissions of, inter alia, sulphur. Consequently, the Chinese authorities will also need new tools and international partners in order to implement effective enforcement measures.

In the Danish Maritime Authority, inter alia Deputy Director General Troels Blicher Danielsen and Chief Adviser Peter Krog-Meyer received the guests, who were also shown oil sampling and analysing techniques, monitoring by means of sniffers fitted on the Great Belt Bridge and drones for airborne monitoring, just as they witnessed a demonstration of the EU common inspection database.

"We have, for many years, had a cooperation agreement with China, which has been very useful for both countries. Over the years, the areas where China and Denmark have common interests have been extended so that we also talk about issues other than classical shipping policy ones, for example at the meeting just held where we have debated enforcement of the sulphur regulations aimed at the shipping industry", says Chief Adviser Peter Krog-Meyer.



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