Classified Anholt Lighthouse from 1788 up for renovation
06-07-2017 16:00

Renovation work on Anholt Lighthouse has begun and is expected to be finalised in late October. Brickwork, windows and doors are to be renovated.

​Renovation of Anholt Lighthouse has been started and is set to last six months. Once the renovation is complete, the classified lighthouse on the island of Anholt will be shining brightly. The front of the lighthouse is to be both replastered and painted and, in addition, both the windows and doors of the old lighthouse are to be renovated.

Anholt Lighthouse is one of Denmark's oldest lighthouses. It was established back in 1561 according to a royal resolution from 1560 when it was decided to construct four strategic lighthouses in Denmark and, thus, it represents an important part of the Danish cultural heritage. The first brick-built lighthouse on the island of Anholt was established in the years 1785- 1788. The renovation of Anholt Lighthouse is carried out by the contractor Aalsrode Carpentry.

Occupation of lighthouse in war against England


In addition to having undergone a development from being lit by fire wood in the 1500s and having been rebuilt in the 1780s for the use of coal to the current use of electricity, the lighthouse on Anholt has quite another story to tell.

During the English Wars in 1807, the lighthouse was first put out by Denmark to annoy the English and, later, the lighthouse and the island were occupied by England.

For use by the occupation forces and as part of the defence, the English built a casemate around the base of the lighthouse as well as a six-sided redoubt with canons, ramparts, moats and palisades. This fortification got the name "Fort York".

The ring around the base of the lighthouse, which is a characteristic feature of the lighthouse today, is a remnant of the casemate constructed by the English.

Today, the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper's house are classified buildings.

Renovation until October

The renovation of Anholt Lighthouse is expected to be completed in late October.



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