Cross-border cooperation on the development of Denmark's first maritime spatial plan
14-09-2016 11:00

​The Danish Maritime Authority is responsible for the development of Denmark's first overall maritime spatial plan

Baltic scope

The Danish Maritime Authority is responsible for the development of Denmark's first overall maritime spatial plan – a large and complex task requiring consideration of many factors, including growth potential, environmental issues, the industry, existing regulation and current use.

To this should be added coordination with our neighbouring countries in order to ensure that the national maritime spatial plans are inter-connected across the borders at sea.

This week, most Baltic Sea countries are visiting Denmark, where the Danish Maritime Authority hosts a meeting of the maritime spatial plan project Baltic Scope. The meeting is, inter alia, used for dialogue about ways in which the participant countries can create coherence between the planning of their maritime areas, especially where energy infrastructure, shipping, fishing and nature protection converge at the borders – or should do so.

- We cannot make a maritime spatial plan without national and international coordination. After all, ships cross countries' sea areas and fishermen depend on fish stocks that do not stay within national borders. Therefore, our maritime spatial plan need to be connected at the borders, says Senior Adviser at the Danish Maritime Authority Suzanne Dael.

Planners and planning experts from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden attend the meeting.

Maritime spatial plan to be ready in 2021

The purpose of Denmark's maritime spatial planning is to secure growth and promote co-existence between the many current and future uses of the sea. The maritime spatial planning covers the energy sector, transport by sea, fishing and aquaculture, the extraction of raw materials from the sea as well as protection of the environment and it covers an area from the coastline outwards to the Danish borders at sea.

In addition to cooperation with our neighbouring countries, Denmark's first maritime spatial plan will be created in a national dialogue in which, inter alia, Danish ministries, agencies, coastal municipalities, business and interest organisations and other stakeholders will be included.

The Baltic Scope project

The Baltic Scope project is a Baltic Sea project financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The aim of the project is to identify common solutions to cross-border maritime spatial planning with a view to promoting larger coherence between the plans. This type of cooperation is unique and gives the participating countries a possibility of learning from each other's experiences and exchange knowledge and expertise of relevance to the project and the region. Read more about the project on

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