Cross-border digitalisation
20-12-2017 16:00

The Danish Maritime Authority and IALA bring together the maritime world for a conference focusing on digital shipping.

​​International cooperation on standardisation and maritime digitalisation are this year’s themes as the Danish Maritime Authority and IALA are hosting the conference ’e-Navigation Underway’ for the eighth time. The conference takes place on board the M/S PEARL SEAWAYS, which will be heading for Oslo on a return voyage from 24 to 26 January. Now, everyone interested in digitalisation in the maritime field can register for the conference.​

Director General Andreas Nordseth from the Danish Maritime Authority will open the conference together with the Secretary-General of IALA, and this year’s keynote speaker is DFDS President and CEO Niels Smedegaard. Furthermore, various players, including IMO Technical Officer Sasha Pristom, will present ongoing international work within e-navigation and digitalisation. The conference offers an opportunity for the attendees to hear various suggestions for how to reap the benefits of e-navigation and digitalisation across stakeholders and borders. For example, Maersk’s Innovation Strategy Manager Michael Rodey will explain how work on e-navigation can benefit shipowners from an operational perspective.

Global importance
The conference, which was attended by representatives from 27 countries and around 100 different organisations when last held in January 2017, is a forum for dialogue about the development and implementation of e-navigation.

Issues such as harmonisation and maritime services will be debated by experts from all over the world. All the participants will get a chance of exchanging views and presenting their proposals for how e-navigation can create as much value as possible in the future.

Register for the conference
The conference takes place from 24 to 26 January 2018 on board the M/S PEARL SEAWAYS during a return voyage from Copenhagen to Oslo.



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