DMA accompanied the Queen of Denmark on her state visit to Ghana
23-11-2017 15:00

The Danish Maritime Authority accompanied Her Majesty the Queen on her official state visit to Ghana on 23-24 November 2017 to discuss current maritime challenges and maritime authority-to-authority cooperation.

Picture of director General on his visit to Ghana

​The Danish Maritime Authority took part in Her Majesty the Queen’s official state visit to Ghana on 23-24 November 2017 on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the country’s independence; furthermore, the state visit served to mark Danish-Ghanaian relations.

A major maritime delegation, including the Danish Maritime Authority, was also a part of the state visit.

During the visit, the Danish Maritime Authority participated in a number of meetings and activities. These also included a seminar on regulation of the global maritime sector, which was also attended by the Ghanaian Minister of Transport.

“I have been looking forward to being part of the state visit to Ghana and to helping strengthen the good relations between Denmark and Ghana,” says Director General Andreas Nordseth from the Danish Maritime Authority and continues.

“Ghana is an important maritime hub in West Africa, where Danish shipping is very active too. The Danish Maritime Authority already has good relations with the maritime authorities of Ghana and therefore it was a great pleasure to meet the Minister of Transport and my Ghanaian colleagues to discuss general maritime issues and our ongoing maritime authority-to-authority cooperation.”

Besides regulation of the global maritime sector, the combating of piracy in the Gulf of Guinea and improvements of the maritime infrastructure are among the issues included on the agenda.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as the Minister for Environment and Food were also part of the state visit delegation.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Danish Maritime Authority has established cooperative relations with the maritime Administration of Ghana with the aim of strengthening the development of Ghana’s maritime sector and supporting Danish maritime business activities in the region.



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