DMA focus on smart enforcement during European Shipping Week
09-02-2017 12:00

Attend the European Shipping Week on 28 February 2017, learn about the visions for smart inspection and enforcement of maritime regulation, and take part in the subsequent debate on digital and technological potentials and challenges.

Future shipping requires that both the maritime industry and the authorities utilise new technology and digital solutions to do their work smarter and better.

Efficient enforcement of global maritime regulation makes great demands on all parties. At the same time, there is a demand for a reduction of the number of burdens imposed in connection with ship inspection. The relevant technology is available, but how can we use it to meet the challenges that we are faced with?

The Danish Maritime Authority presents its digital visions

During the European Shipping, Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority, Andreas Nordseth, will invite the participants to engage in a debate on, inter alia, the above issues at the seminar on "Smart Enforcement". The debate will be kick-started by Andreas' presentation of the DMA's visions for an efficient and burden-free enforcement of global maritime regulation.

Furthermore, various DMA employees will contribute to the debate with knowledge about:

  • drones and sensors capable of measuring ships' emissions, thus making it possible to inspect ships without involving the crew;
  • automatic data reporting and sharing at port calls; and
  • how AIS can be used to enforce the speed of high-speed craft.

Facts about European Shipping Week

European Shipping Week will be held from Monday 27 February to Friday 2 March 2017. It is a week of events and network meetings in Brussels. In focus of the European Shipping Week are the strengths and opportunities of European and global shipping. The purpose is to bring together stakeholders from the industry and authority representatives to deliberate on this issue.

ECSA (the European Community Shipowners’ Associations) is the main organiser of the European Shipping Week.



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