DMA launches new English website
01-02-2017 16:00

Today, a new English website is launched by the Danish Maritime Authority. This will make services, information and knowledge available to our many international users in a new, modern design.

The English website of the Danish Maritime Authority is used frequently by seafarers and other users all over the world. Our English website has approx. 450 unique visitors every day.

In 2015, the Danish Maritime Authority modernised its Danish website, and now the English version is ready.

The two websites – and – will have the same layout and almost identical contents. However, a few pages are of relevance only to either a Danish or an English readership.

The new English website is responsive – just as the Danish version – for the benefit of the many users who visit the webpage from mobile units.

Seafarers and shipowners can, inter alia, find translations into English of many Danish regulations as well as news items, general information and service contents on the website.

Visit our new English website on

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