DMA: Sea service records go online
06-01-2017 12:00

Now seafarers can manage and report their seagoing service digitally.

Digitalising seagoing service is the first step taken to make it easier for seafarers to apply for certificates, keep track of their seagoing service and get digital access to their data.

Director Rasmus Høy Thomsen
”The new solution will make it fast and easy for seafarers to type in their seagoing service before applying for certificates. You can, inter alia, see whether you have sufficient seagoing service to have your certificates renewed, and you can get a record of your total seagoing service if, for example, you need this in relation to your employer."

With the new digital solution, there is no longer a need for shipowners to report seafarers' signing on and signing off. Therefore, the Danish Maritime Authority has, as of 1 January 2017, removed the mandatory reporting of the signing on and off for Danish ships.

Advantages of digital forms

Furthermore, the Danish Maritime Authority has digitalised a wide number of maritime forms. Consequently, you are no longer required to forward paper forms for, inter alia, the self-monitoring of your fishing vessel or applications for renewal of pilotage certificates. If your pleasure craft is not encumbered with mortgages, it is also possible to delete it by means of a digital form.

Seagoing service

You can log in through "My page" (only in Danish) by using NemID.

Should you need guidance for the system, the Danish Maritime Authority has made a number of guidelines – both on video and on paper.


Forward digital forms through the webpage

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