Danish Maritime Authority during Culture Night in Copenhagen
10-10-2016 16:00

The Danish Maritime Authority's buoy tender 'POUL LØWENØRN' will be alongside at Amaliehaven at Larsens Plads in Copenhagen K in connection with Culture Night 2016.

Poul Løwenørn

​The vessel will be open to visitors from 14:00 to 22:00 on Friday, 14 October.

Danish waters have many places where ships can go aground, resulting in a risk of loss of human lives and pollution of the environment. Therefore, it is important to place navigation marks in Danish waters so that the ships can avoid dangerous areas. But wind and weather is rough to these navigation marks. After a period of time, they need to be replaced or maintained so that navigators can still see what they mean.

The buoy tender 'POUL LØWENØRN' is fitted with a powerful crane, making it possible to lift on board very heavy navigation marks and replace them with new, prepared ones. Navigation marks are heavy and capable of resisting storms and high seas.

During Culture Night, you can see the vessel and its gear at close range.

It is important that navigation marks are placed in the exact right position. On the bridge of 'POUL LØWENØRN', you can during Culture Night see the navigation instruments that are used to navigate the vessel and to position navigation marks.

On board the vessel, is also the 'SejlSikkert' campaign, which informs about the safety of yachtsmen and anglers. Come and get some good advice about how to make your voyage safe and how to choose the right life-jacket for you and your family. The ones responsible for the campaign are the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board and the foundation "TrygFonden".

It will also be possible to experience the 'SejlSikkert' App, enabling you to keep updated on your Smartphone about wind and current forecasts as well as important navigation warnings.

Facts about ’POUL LØWENØRN’

  • The vessel has a length of approx. 49 metres.
  • The vessel has a width of approx. 11 metres.
  • The vessel has a draft of 3.10 metres.
  • Maximum speed: 12 knots.
  • The crane is capable of lifting 10 tonnes.
  • The chain winch is capable of pulling 30 tonnes.



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