Danish Maritime Authority re-elected to IALA Council
29-05-2018 12:00

With the re-election to IALA Council, the Danish Maritime Authority remains at the center of international cooperation on issues of safe navigation, autonomous ships and the use of new technology.

billede fra IALA Council
For the first time ever, the IALA Council election was contested, and Denmark – represented by the DMA - is among the elected countries.

Andreas Nordseth, Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority:
“I am pleased that we once again got a place in IALAs’ Council. IALA is in the middle of a really interesting development from NGO to IGO – an international intergovernmental organization. And beyond that, there is an increasing focus on digitalization and the use of new technology, which makes IALA’s work incredibly interesting.”

The increasing focus on digitalization has, amongst other things, meant that IALA and the Danish Maritime Authority worked together on the now concluded EU-funded project EfficienSea2. The project brought together 32 international partners under the DMA’s leadership, to develop and implement digital solutions to make traffic at sea more efficient, safe and sustainable.

Denmark and IALA

Denmark has had a place in IALAs’ Council since its establishment in 1957. The Danish Maritime Authority has, therefore, had a substantial influence on IALA’s work for safe navigation and better safety at sea.

IALA stands for International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities. IALA is a maritime NGO, which brings together maritime authorities, manufacturers, consultants and researchers from all over the world. The goal is to promote the exchange of experiences and results related to safe navigation and safety at sea across professional groups and expertises.



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