Denmark to host major international maritime conference
27-06-2017 10:00

In 2024, Denmark will be hosting European Maritime Day with more than 1,000 participants. With its maritime surroundings, the city of Svendborg will be the setting of the conference.

(Photo: Mads Claus Rasmussen)

European Maritime Day is one of Europe's largest maritime conferences. The Council of the European Union has awarded Denmark the honour of hosting the conference in 2024. Earlier this year, the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs nominated Svendborg as the Danish candidate city. It will be the first time that the conference is held in Denmark, and the Municipality of Svendborg will be at the centre of it all.

Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs:
”It is a great pleasure to announce today that Svendborg will be hosting European Maritime Day. We have made great efforts to attract this conference to Denmark and – in the middle of the South Funen archipelago – Svendborg is ideally located for a conference focusing on the ongoing development of a robust maritime sector, which is of major importance to Denmark.

The conference offers a unique chance to display the Danish position of strength in the maritime field. Denmark has extremely much to offer – also when it comes to developing common visions for the maritime sector of the future. I do hope that the conference succeeds in forming the basis of new innovative maritime measures that may help secure a continuously strong, inclusive and growth-generating maritime sector.”

Each year, the conference gathers more than one thousand maritime experts, decision-makers and industry representatives for a two-day conference. The purpose is to focus on the importance of maritime economic activities. And at the same time, the conference gives the participants a chance of promoting various activities and measures and of discussing common challenges and opportunities within the sector.

Mayor Lars Erik Hornemann from the Municipality of Svendborg:
”I am pleased that Svendborg will be the host of this international conference. With our maritime history and current endeavours in the entire maritime field with a number of maritime education and training institutions, it is an honour for us to have been chosen. We have had a good a close cooperation with a wide number of partners, who have all shown a great interest in contributing within each their field.”

The conference was first held in 2008. Previously, cities like Brussels, Rome and Gothenburg have hosted the event. The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs have established a partnership with the Municipality of Svendborg on the Danish hosting of the conference.

Press contact:

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