Digitalisation will be a boost for future shipping
30-01-2017 15:00

As a prelude to the 'e-Navigation Underway’ conference, which will take place during the next two days, South Korea's Director General for Maritime Affairs, Mr. Kwang-Youl Park, visited the DMA to talk about cooperation on digitalisation and e-Navigation.

Yesterday, Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority, Mr. Andreas Nordseth, met his South Korean counterpart to take stock of the partnership on e-Navigation and talk about the two countries' shared ambitions.

Director General Andreas Nordseth from the Danish Maritime Authority:
"We are pleased about our cooperation with South Korea. As two major and technologically advanced maritime nations, we have a common interest in promoting quality shipping in the maritime world."

In 2014, Denmark and South Korea concluded a Memorandum of Understanding to develop e-Navigation.

Conference to strengthen partnership
The conference 'e-Navigation Underway' has helped place e-Navigation and digitalisation of shipping on the international agenda. The conference will be held in three places around the world, i.e. in Denmark, the USA and South Korea. It focuses on potentials and challenges, while at the same time representing a forum for the exchange of experience gained in this field.



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