IMO: Difficult climate negotiations - but some progress after all
28-10-2016 19:00

Today, the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) has agreed on a roadmap for how the shipping industry can contribute to the global efforts made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ship amongst windmills

​The roadmap is an important step that enables the shipping industry to contribute constructively to the first global dialogue on compliance with the Paris Agreement's long-term climate goals. The roadmap also means that the IMO is to develop a strategy for reducing ships' greenhouse gas emissions, including work to develop new global measures in both the long and the short term. A preliminary version of the strategy is expected to be ready by 2018.

In addition, the MEPC has finally adopted regulations on a mandatory data collection system, which is to provide information about ships' fuel consumption.

There is general agreement in the IMO that the climate issue is to be placed high on the agenda in coming years.

Director General Andreas Nordseth, the Danish Maritime Authority:

”It is important that the shipping industry contributes to solutions in the climate area. And these solutions must be global. We would have liked a more specific goal for shipping's CO2 reductions. But from the Danish side we appreciate the progress made in the negotiations. This shows that there is willingness to put great efforts into coming years' climate work in order to reach specific, global solutions in the IMO."



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