Improved conditions for Danish shipping
22-01-2018 14:00

The Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs and The Danish Maritime Authority have removed a number of special requirements made on the Danish shipping industry.

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​These national requirements were identified in a benchmark analysis with comparable countries.

In 2016, a major benchmark analysis with comparable countries identified 33 special national requirements. The conclusion was that, when doing maritime business from Denmark, you must meet a number of requirements that are not imposed by other countries. Now, many of these requirements have been repealed.

Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Brian Mikkelsen:
”I am pleased that we have now removed a wide number of special national requirements without compromising safety. Denmark is characterised by quality shipping, and Denmark is a fine place from where to do maritime business, but we must constantly strive to become more attractive to shipowners and other maritime companies.”

Fewer burdens

In 2017, the Danish Maritime Authority has amended a number of executive orders in order to reduce the burdens imposed on the industry, and we are constantly striving for simplifications through digitalisation.

The Danish Maritime Authority has, for example, made it easier to complete the occupational health training programmes on ships and has adapted seafarers’ digital reporting of seagoing service so that the shipowners are no longer burdened with time-consuming reporting obligations. In addition, the regulations on barges and offshore rigs have been adapted to international regulation.

Furthermore, 25 executive orders have been repealed in the area of the Danish Maritime Authority as part of the clearing away of regulations.

The following national requirements, listed in the benchmark analysis have been reviewed in 2017 and aligned with international regulation.

  • Safety work (section 16 course and requirements for the work of the safety organisation);
  • Compensation in case of loss or foundering;
  • Safety work (organisation and administration);
  • Requirement for a trading permit;
  • Requirement for an annex file;
  • No special exemption provisions for ships engaged in coastal voyages;
  • Requirement for steel shielding under ladders in machinery spaces on ships constructed after 2012;
  • Requirement for two escape routes from workshop spaces and control rooms constructed after 2012;
  • Inspection, repairs and maintenance of inflatable life-saving appliances;
  • Requirement to submit muster list;
  • Forwarding of meteorological data;
  • The construction and equipment of barges;
  • Digital submission of crew data.

This work will be continued in 2018 with, inter alia, a modernisation of the provisions on seafarers’ accommodation and certificates.

More information about the benchmark analysis is available here

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