International focus on protectionism
11-09-2017 18:00

The Consultative Shipping Group (CSG) is meeting in the United Kingdom during London International Shipping Week (LISW) to discuss the challenges facing global shipping markets.

Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) Andreas Nordseth has chaired the CSG since 2009, while the DMA itself is the Secretariat of the group. The CSG members hail from 18 European and Asian countries plus Canada - all sharing the values and principles of open and unhindered shipping markets.

The CSG will meet Monday and Tuesday to focus on free trade, barriers, market access for shipping as well as how best to develop and implement environmental and climate regulation. The underlying principles are fair competition and quality shipping.

Chairman of the CSG, Andreas Nordseth:
"I look forward to the CSG with discussions of both challenges and opportunities. There seems to be a tendency towards rising protectionism and we will debate how to best deal with this issue."


Facts about the C​SG

The Consultative Shipping Group (CSG) was formed in the 1960s as an informal group with the purpose of pursuing common shipping policy interests – including primarily the relationship with the American authorities. Despite the informal nature of the CSG, it can however take formal action through demarches. The group meets annually, and every second year the group meets with representatives of the American authorities.
​The CSG consists of 18 countries in Europe, Asia and Canada that all adhere to the same values and principles of open an unimpeded access to international shipping markets.



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