Join our seminar on the digital ship of the future
12-04-2018 16:00

On April 20, 2018 the Danish Maritime Authority is hosting a seminar on the Digital Twin and you should sign up now while seats are still available

grafik of Digital Twin

​All you need to do is write an e-mail with your name and organization to

You can find the programme here

What is a Digital Twin exactly?

Ships and many other things can – through application of recently developed technologies – be represented digitally instead of looking at the actual, physical object, i.e. the ship itself. This leads to new business opportunities based on visual or model based representations of ships. One example is using simulations of a ship in all phases of its’ life cycle to optimize operation and plan retrofitting, without actually being in physical contact with the ship.

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The coupling of simulation and business models is the main topic to be discussed at the seminar on april 20. Don’t miss out.

You can sign up right now by contacting us at



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