Medicine chest inventories become digital
29-06-2016 14:00

Now, the Danish Maritime Authority takes yet another digital step forward as all medicine chest inventories become available online and as download. In connection with the publication on 1 July 2016, all current printed editions are repealed.

As of 1 July 2016, the Danish Maritime Authority's medicine chest inventories will become available online in PDF format for downloading or printing (also for tablet use) as well as in Excel format. Both versions are accompanied by guidelines. Previously, medicine chest inventories have been available for sale only in printed form.

The medicine chest inventories contain previously published corrections and updates as well as minor contents revisions. All previously printed editions are repealed and the digital version becomes the valid document.

The medicine chest inventories are available from the webpage of the Danish Maritime Authority.

In case of future updates, new versions will subsequently become available from the webpage.

At the same time as the publication of the medicine chest inventories, a list of approved alternative medicaments will be published. These can be used if it is impossible to procure the medicaments contained in the current medicine chest inventories.

An application for exemption for substitution of pharmaceuticals is not required if the medicament is listed on the current list of substitutes.

If the medicament is not listed on the list of substitutes, please contact the Danish Maritime Authority's Centre for Maritime Health Service by email: or by telephone: +45 72 19 60 04.



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