Modern and more flexible framework for yachtsmen's tests
05-01-2017 11:00

Now, it is possible for yachting organisations to hold tests and issue certificates to yachtsmen.

Now, the Danish Maritime Authority makes it possible for yachting organisations to be approved for holding tests and issuing certificates, just as they can authorise external examiners for yachtsmen's tests.

On the basis of a new executive order, it becomes easier to establish a dialogue between the clubs, evening schools, course providers and sailing schools that prepare people for tests and the approved course providers who carry out the tests as such.

Director Per Sønderstrup from the Danish Maritime Authority:
”The new model is more up-to-date and strengthens the tests for yachtsmen without reducing the level. We amend the provisions on the carrying out of the tests so that they become more flexible, while at the same time ensuring a better framework."

It will be possible for the approved organisations to adjust the aims of the various tests so that they are in accordance with the experience gained by clubs, evening schools and sailing schools and by other course providers.

Director Per Sønderstrup:
”This model helps ensure a high level for the yachtsmen who are issued with a certificate. I look forward to engaging in dialogue with the yachtsmen about the phasing in of the new model."

Everybody can still train and prepare yachtsmen for tests for acquiring a certificate for yachtsmen.

Now, the Danish Maritime Authority will engage in a close dialogue with the yachtsmen about the new regulations so that the yachtsmen who would like to take the test at a sailing school and course providers are affected as little as possible.

The Danish Maritime Authority will also, inter alia through our webpage, guide and help any organisations that may be interested in applying for approval by the Danish Maritime Authority.



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