More than 300 safety ambassadors
13-06-2017 17:00

Nautical warnings are now updated daily in the SejlSikkert App. The SejlSikkert campaign enjoys fair winds and is now backed by more than 300 ambassadors.

Six deaths, 516 reported incidents and almost 3,000 unreported incidents speak for themselves – it is still necessary to pay full attention to safety at sea.

For two years, the Danish foundation TrygFonden and the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board have focused fully on the safety of fishermen and yachtsmen, and at the core of the activities have been campaigns, ambassadors and the SejlSikkert App (SailSafely App).

The latter has just been thoroughly updated for the coming bathing/yachting season.

Jan Thorn, Director of Safety of Navigation, National Waters, from the Danish Maritime Authority:
”On the website of the Danish Maritime Authority, you can constantly see updated nautical information about warnings, etc. for Danish waters. Previously, the App included only the most acute nautical warnings. As something new, both nautical warnings and Notices to Mariners are now available from the SejlSikkert App so that all yachtsmen and fishermen can see quickly where they must be extraordinarily attentive at sea.”

Constantly growing network of ambassadors

Sten Emborg, Consultant of the Danish Pleasure Craft Safety Board:
”We now have more than 300 ambassadors, 56 shop ambassadors and 22 instructors. With so many assistants, our call for safety at sea reaches a wide audience.”

The many ambassadors are a major part of the SejlSikkert campaign. In addition to lots of information material, dialogue on social media and technological solutions, focus is on communicating with yachtsmen and fishermen in their surroundings.

The ambassadors function as contact persons for the SejlSikkert campaign in local ports and clubs. The shop ambassadors get material for display in local shops, and the instructors offer teaching in the relevant local communities.

”Our campaign is driven like a plough through the landscape, and from behind it all our ambassadors reach each individual yachtsmen or fishermen and pat him on the shoulder to say: This is also aimed at you.”

The 2017 SejlSikkert campaign will be launched today under the title "The invisible life-jacket". Everybody uses a life-jacket – 54 % of the yachtsmen wear a visible life-jacket, while 46 % of them wear the invisible one.

The aim of the campaign is to catch the attention of fishermen and yachtsmen and to tell them that it is stupid to wear an invisible life-jacket – i.e. no life-jacket – when they could instead wear a visible life-jacket and avoid ending up as fish food.

Sten Emborg:
”It is important that everyone wears a life-jacket each time they set to sea – also in nice weather and close to the coast. If the skipper is wearing a life-jacket, there is a great chance that the rest of the crew will also don a life-jacket.”


  • 308 ambassadors
  • 56 shop ambassadors
  • 22 instructors

Incidents in 2016 within yachting

  • Six deaths
  • 70 serious incidents (estimated)
  • 519 reported incidents
  • 3,000 unreported incidents (estimated)


  • 54 % wear a life-jacket at sea.
  • 75 % of the deceased did not wear a life-jacket.

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