Everyone who operates a personal watercraft must have a personal watercraft certificate
12-06-2020 11:00

The transitional period is over. Now everyone must have a personal watercraft certificate to operate a personal watercraft.

Photo of personel watercraft

​Since the personal watercraft certificate requirement was introduced in 2018, there has been a two-year transitional regime for those who already had a recreational sailor certificate. This transitional period is now over.

Now everyone has to pass the test and have a personal watercraft certificate, to operate a personal watercraft. Whether you own or rent the vessel, the certificate is a requirement.

You get the watercraft certificate by passing a test. During the test, you must, among other things, demonstrate knowledge of the rules at sea and demonstrate safe behavior when sailing at different speeds, including steering and maneuvering during acceleration. At the same time, you must show consideration for the surroundings.

You must be 16 years of age to take the personal watercraft test.

If you already have a recreational sailor certificate, such as a speedboat certificate, you only need to pass the practical part of the personal watercraft test to obtain your certificate.

If your hands are on the steering wheel, you need a certificate

Please note that it is the person who has the hands on the steering wheel that needs a personal watercraft certificate. It is not enough that someone on board has a certificate. This was clarified in the order from 2020.

Seven things to remember when you operate a personal watercraft:

  • You must bring your personal watercraft certificate
  • Do not sail closer to the coast than 300 meters
  • Max 0.5 blood alcohol level
  • There must be a life jacket or swim vest for everyone
  • The rules at sea also apply to personal watercrafts
  • Observe local sailing regulations
  • You must bring documentation that the insurance conditions are in order.



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