New providers of tests for yachtsmen
05-09-2017 15:00

Currently, the Danish Maritime Authority is in the process of approving test providers and issuers of certificates for yachtsmen.

The approval is made in accordance with new regulations that entered into force earlier this year. These provisions make it possible for organisations within the yachting area to offer tests for yachtsmen. In 2017, this is of relevance only within the field of powerboat licenses and certificates of proficiency.

The first approved providers, i.e. the Dansk Fritidssejler Union (Danish Yachting Union) and the Dansk Sejlunion (Danish Sailing Association), have already been approved so that they can issue the first certificates for yachtsmen. Both providers are available for further information.

If you are a yachtsman, you should just do as usual. You can still attend teaching offered by clubs, evening and sailing schools and the like and register for the various tests as previously in order to be issued with a powerboat license or a certificate of competency or proficiency.

The change takes place at the overall level. Previously, external examiners and supervisors authorised by the Danish Maritime Authority kept an eye on the test level, whereas now approved providers will arrange the test with their own group of external examiners and monitor the holding of tests. It is possible for the providers to adjust the goals of the various tests so that they are in accordance with the experience gained by clubs, evening and sailing schools and the like.

Director Rasmus Høy Thomsen:
"All of this help give yachtsmen an optimum basis for having a superior yachting experience with high-quality test requirements that may follow developments in this area."

The Danish Maritime Authority will monitor the approved providers to ensure that they meet the requirements for being approved.

A list of providers is available from the website of the Danish Maritime Authority, and this will be updated when needed.

You can read more about certificates for yachtsmen here, where you can also check whether a powerboat license is required for your boat.

New providers in more areas in 2018

From 1 January 2018, it becomes possible to be approved for holding tests and issuing certificates of proficiency in motor operation for yachtsmen, certificates of competency as yacht masters, 3rd and 1st classes, and Short Range Certificates (SRC).



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