New rules on medical examinations
26-08-2019 13:00

Henceforth, employees on board Danish ships need only hold an international approved health certificate

​On September 1, 2019, the order for medical examinations of seafarers and fishermen will be changed. Because of this change, it is no longer a requirement to hold a Danish Health Certificate when employed on Danish ships.

Rasmus Høy Thomsen, Director:
"The change removes an administrative burden and at the same time making it easier to be a seafarer on Danish ships."

In future, seafarers can use health certificates issued by an approved maritimemedicalpractitioner from their own country.

This means that:

  • Seafarers are no longer required to undergo a Danish medical examination or to hold a Danish health certificate.
  • Seafarers must be in possession of a valid health certificate based on a medical examination undertaken in a country that has implemented the STCW and the MLC.
  • It is no longer a requirement for the shipmaster or the shipping company to send the health information of seafarers to the Danish Maritime Authority after medical examinations carried out abroad.
  • The seafarer must be able to present a valid health certificate at all times during his / her employment. It is up to the shipmaster and the shipping company to ensure that the health certificate meets the necessary requirements.



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