Now it is possible to check the validity of seafarers' certificates online
20-12-2016 12:10

The Danish Maritime Authority launches a digital solution for verification of the validity of seafarers' certificates.

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​The new solution makes it possible for everyone to check whether a certificate (STCW) is genuine. Furthermore, you can be informed about the period of validity and the functions that the certificate entitles the holder to perform.

You only need the reference number which is found on the certificate as such. Already now, it is possible for you to use the system on the webpage of the Danish Maritime Authority here (in Danish).

Director Rasmus Høy Thomsen from the Danish Maritime Authority:
"The new solution makes it fast and easy for seafarers, shipowners and other maritime authorities to verify the validity of certificates. Thus, the function also helps support the global efforts made to combat forged certificates in the shipping industry."

The system is a part of the Danish Maritime Authority's digitisation strategy the intention of which is to ensure better and easier access to digital information. At the same time, the system meets the requirements for online verification required by the STCW Convention.



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