Personal watercraft certificate
24-04-2019 13:00

You must have a personal watercraft certificate to use a personal watercraft or similar vessel. Watercraft certificates are a requirement, whether you own or rent the vessel.

​If you are going into the water on a personal watercraft, remember that you need a personal watercraft certificate. You can get the personal watercraft certificate by passing a test. During the test you will, among other things have to show your knowledge of the shipping regulations, and demonstrate safe behaviour when navigating at different speeds, including steering and maneuvering during acceleration. At the same time, you must show consideration for the surroundings.

Everyone must have personal watercraft certificate

The requirement for the personal watercraft certificate was introduced in 2018. In this connection a transitional arrangement was made for those who were qualified to carry a personal watercraft certificate according to the rules at that time. The scheme will expire in 2019 and therefore, everyone who still wants to use personal watercrafts or similar vessels must have acquired a personal watercraft certificate this year. You can read more about the transitional provisions in the above mentioned link.

Seven points to remember as a user

  • You need to bring your personal watercraft certificate
  • Do not sail closer to the coast than 300 meters
  • Maximum 0.5 per mil in the blood
  • There must be a rescue or swimming vest for everyone
  • The shipping regulations also apply to personal watercrafts
  • To observe local shipping regulations
  • You must bring documentation showing that the insurance conditions are in order.

  • Read more about the rules on the Danish Maritime Authority's website



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