Pleasure boat rental made easier
09-01-2017 11:00

Now, it becomes easier for private persons to hire out or share their pleasure boats.

The Danish Maritime Authority has revised its regulations on pleasure boats so that they are now simpler if you want to hire out or share your pleasure boat with others. This is the case for both private persons and hire services.

Director Per Sønderstrup from the Danish Maritime Authority:
”In the future, the same regulations apply to equipment and arrangement irrespective of whether the pleasure boat has been hired or is owned. Furthermore, the responsibility for ensuring that the safety is in place now always rests with the master of the pleasure boat.”

The new regulations apply to pleasure boating and introduce special safety requirements for pleasure boats with a length above 24 metres. Consequently, previous regulations are simplified without compromising safety.

For example, the special regulations for pleasure boats are removed as regards the sea areas ("trade areas") navigated.

The new rules can be viewed at (in danish)



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