Podcast from Maritime Administrations’ Forum in Denmark
23-05-2018 18:00

The Danish Maritime Days 2018 included and event on maritime digitalization and the role of regulation. Download our podcast to find out what went on at the event.

​Executives from maritime administrations and organisations came together in Denmark on May 2, 2018 to debate challenges and opportunities related to digitalization in the maritime world.

Director General of the DMA, Andreas Nordseth:
“Digitalisation is moving forward in great leaps, and the authorities need to up their game to support it. This emphasizes the need for collaboration across borders to share ideas, cooperation on international regulation and working together on actual digitalization projects.”

Download the podcast below, to hear what went on and listen to important key points from the event. The list of speakers included Peter B. Lange from IBM on digital opportunities and Maersk Chief Information Officer Adam Banks on the Maersk cyber attack in 2017.

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