Powerboat license: Yes or No
16-12-2016 12:00

Now it has become easier to find out whether a powerboat license is required for your boat.


​The Danish Maritime Authority has added a new function, making it possible for you to insert your boat's length and output and then see whether a powerboat license is required for your boat. The function is available for boats below 15 metres.

Director Rasmus Høy Thomsen from the Danish Maritime Authority:
"It is our hope that this self-service solution will make it fast and easy for yachtsmen to know whether there are any certificate requirements for their boats. Although there is no certificate requirement, it would always be a good idea to acquire a powerboat license or a certificate of proficiency since you are, as the master of the boat, responsible for the safety of yourself and any other persons on board."

A powerboat license is always required for water scooters and jet skis

If you operate a water scooter or are jet skiing, you are always required to have a powerboat license.

Remember that you are only permitted to use water scooters more than 300 metres from the coast and you must observe the regulations for preventing collisions at sea. You can get more information from the Danish Nature Agency.

Check whether you are required to have a powerboat license on the Danish webpage of the Danish Maritime Authority.

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