Remember to pay the annual fee for your registered ship
10-03-2017 14:00

If you are the owner of a registered ship, you are required to pay an annual fee. You will receive the request, which will be forwarded through Digital Mail, during March 2017.

Ships registered in one of the Danish registers of shipping must pay an annual fee. The amount of the fee depends on the size of your ship – i.e. the gross tonnage of your ship.

Here you can see which annual fee applies to your ship:

  • Gross tonnage below 20 = DKK 800
  • Gross tonnage between 20 and 500 = DKK 1,600
  • Gross tonnage above 500 = DKK 2,400

Would you like to know more?

Read more about the annual fee (link) and find answers to your questions in the FAQ on the annual fee.

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