South Koreans and Danish Maritime Authority in flag State dialogue
21-06-2016 13:00

Six government officials from South Korea are visiting the Danish Maritime Authority and, in this connection, they exchange experiences and knowledge about shipping, inspections and safety with the Danish authorities.

The South Korean government officials are, inter alia, responsible for passenger ship safety in South Korea and are visiting Europe for other reasons as well.

- This is a good example of how we exchange knowledge and experience with other countries. This dialogue is an important part of our endeavours to enhance safety, not only on board Danish ships, but on board ships all over the world, says Deputy Director General Troels Blicher Danielsen from the Danish Maritime Authority.

The six South Koreans represent the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries (MOF) and the Ministry of Public Safety and Security (MPSS). During their visit to Denmark, they will inter alia meet with Director General of the Danish Maritime Authority Andreas Nordseth as well as ship surveyors from the Danish Maritime Authority.

Passenger ship surveys on the agenda

In 2014, the Danish Maritime Authority harmonised all passenger ship surveys. As part of this process, several different surveys were amalgamated into one overall passenger ship survey.

The ship surveyors from the Danish Maritime Authority have had a decisive hand in the efforts made to harmonise passenger ship surveys and can thus pass on much knowledge and expertise about passenger ship safety, just as they can get knowledge and experience from the South Korean visitors.

Every year, the Danish Maritime Authority is in contact with other countries' authorities as part of a continued dialogue and exchange of knowledge and experience.



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