Sunday is the Day of the Seafarer
23-06-2017 19:00

On Sunday, 25 June, seafarers are in focus. This date has been dedicated to seafarers as United Nations' international day in honour of the world's seafarers, the Day of the Seafarer.

This year’s theme “Seafarers matters” accents the importance of the seafarers efforts and underlines that the seafarers are a vital element in shipping.

You can follow and make your own contribution to the day on various social media under #SeafarersMatter and #DayoftheSeafarer.

The date will also be celebrated around the world, and in Denmark inter alia the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg will be hosting a number of events and activities from 10 am. You can see more on

This year, the Danish Maritime Authority will launch a project where the industry and the seafarers are invited to examine what skills future seafarers must have to keep up with technological developments and take part in the development of new standards for carriage by sea, the offshore sector, etc. Together, we can ensure that Denmark has a leading position in quality shipping also in the future. Seafarers' future competences must correspond to developments in, for example, cyber security and automatic systems.

Director General Andreas Nordseth, Danish Maritime Authority:
"The maritime industry is one of Denmark's most important business sectors, and Blue Denmark contributes to a large share of total exports. We must remember, however, that behind all the key figures there is an industry that plays a major personal role to many Danes who either are seafarers or are closely related to seafarers. These years, much is about ensuring that the maritime industry can seize the potentials offered by the new technology in terms of, for example, automation and digitalisation. But, in this context, it is actually a precondition that we have highly qualified seafarers with the right competences also in the years to come."

Facts on the Day of the Seafarer

United Nations' international day was instituted in 2010 in order to focus annually on the decisive importance of seafarers to the maritime industry and, thereby, on their major contribution to world trade and the world economy.


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