Troels Lund: Danish Maritime Days puts Denmark on the blue map of the world
26-10-2016 15:00

Blue Denmark accounts for one-fourth of Danish exports. In times of great global challenges in the area, it is thus important to strive to maintain the Danish maritime position of strength.

Danish Maritime Fair

​With approx. 50 events around the country, the purpose of Danish Maritime Days is to position Blue Denmark as an attractive international cooperation partner and one of the world's leading maritime nations.

Minister for Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen:

"Danish Maritime Days is an international event which, first of all, provides us with a unique chance of promoting Danish maritime businesses. Secondly, Danish Maritime Days creates a fantastic platform where maritime players from all over the world can meet and discuss how to handle some of the challenges faced by the global maritime industry."

"Blue Denmark is of great importance to economic growth and employment all over Denmark. But the maritime sector is faced with major challenges and, therefore, it is important to focus on maintaining and strengthening our Danish maritime positions of strength."

During Danish Maritime Days, Danish and international maritime players meet to consider issues from safety and the environment, over free trade and technological innovation, to offshore activities and education and training.

The flagship event of the week is the Danish Maritime Forum, which is held on 26-27 October. Here, international maritime senior executives from both companies, authorities and organisations get together to consider possible solutions to, inter alia, tough market conditions with a large global over-capacity, historically low earnings within several shipping segments and still greater requirements for safety and environmental protection.

Minister for Business and Growth Troels Lund Poulsen:

"Globally, we must of course strive to continue to ensure a fair and level playing field, while using technological developments and cooperating internationally to strengthen innovation and growth. This will give not least Danish maritime businesses – which are characterised by quality products and innovative solutions – a better possibility of creating growth and new jobs in the global market."

During the week, the Minister will, inter alia, give an opening speech at the Danish Maritime Fair and a speech at a reception held by the Queen at Amalienborg Castle on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Minister will take part in a panel at the opening plenary of the Danish Maritime Forum together with foreign ministerial colleagues and maritime senior executives from all over the world.



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